About Dorothy Grostern

About Dorothy Grostern

Dorothy Grostern creates narrative fragments imbued with a sense of place; a moment in time; an emotion. While highly personal, her art pieces explore universal themes such as our relationships with each other as well as with ourselves. Dorothy’s intense interest in and concern for the human condition comprise the basis for her visual storytelling. She says, “The human form – its physical and expressive complexities and possibilities, continues to fascinate me.” Her artwork captures a sense of quietude, timelessness and the temporal nature of our existence.

Dorothy Grostern works with a variety of media, soft pastels or oil paint sticks with which she can draw as well as paint. She works primarily on paper, and uses BFK for pastels, and 300lb aquarelle paper, sealed with gesso, for the oil sticks. From 1989 to 2005, Dorothy was an instructor of life drawing at the Saidye Bronfman Centre in Montreal.

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“In these ‘houses of the mind’, or on the surface of these paperworks, Grostern’s illusory images of people are a superb analogy for the illusion of life itself.”

“Vie des Arts”, Montreal, Winter 2000,
review by John K. Grande